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12 September 2013

Aurora – Save the Arctic March

Aurora – Save the Arctic March

Beth recorded a “glacial roar” for a giant polar bear that Greenpeace used to lead a street protest in London on Sunday 15th September 2013.

The double-decker bus sized polar bear puppet called Aurora, featured a giant sound system in its head to play the sounds of ice cracking, Arctic wildlife, and other roars donated by members of the public.

The march was part of a global day of action to demand that the Arctic be protected from oil companies planning to drill in its waters.

“The Arctic is an incredible place, home to polar bears like Aurora as well as millions of people,” said Beth, “What does it take to make large corporations, financially driven like Shell, to stop and consider their responsibility? The irreversible damage they cause knowingly is morally wrong. Aurora’s parade will be an amazing expression and one I am pleased to have lent my voice.”